Villa Palmieri Wedding

Do you want an inspiration for your fairytale wedding in Florence?
Look at this elegant Villa Palmieri wedding photoshoot, it will leave you speechless.
Your wedding is the most important day of your life: everything must be perfect, especially the place where the event is celebrated.

Wedding photos at Villa Palmieri

As a Florence wedding photographer, I participate in many ceremonies during the year and I can assure you that Villa Palmieri weddings in Florence are unforgettable events.

A regal and sumptuous entrance, an enchanting scenery, beautiful decorations both in the exterior and in the interiors and the taste in the organization contribute to transforming the wedding party into the event of the year. If you want more ideas, see also (Villa Gamberaia weddings), a residence located in the hills around the city.

Wedding photos at Villa Palmieri: a regal dwelling

Why a Villa Pamieri wedding? Villa Palmieri is situated in the city of Florence, it is a beautiful private estate located in Via Boccaccio. It was the dwelling that inspired Giovanni Boccaccio for the setting of his literary work, the Decameron. The beautiful garden and the classic and precious architecture also made it the favorite holiday spot of a famous English sovereign, Queen Victoria.

Villa Palmieri Wedding photographs:

The first floor of the Villa still preserves the apartments of the Queen Victoria in excellent condition and with the original furniture and furnishings of Casa Windsor. What better location than Villa Palmieri for your fairytale wedding in Florence?

The entrance to the Villa, flanked by two beautiful tree-lined rows, is perfect for spouses who want to make a triumphal entry. Once you have walked the long boulevard in a carriage or an old car, you come to a beautiful garden where the ancient residence stands in its entire splendor. The lemon orchard, the most beautiful and ancient part of the garden, is an ideal background for taking wonderful wedding pictures at Villa Palmieri, but also as a place to serve elegant aperitifs. The romantic rose pergolas and the Italian, French and English style gardens are the perfect and unique completion of a gorgeous wedding frame.

During their wedding at Villa Palmieri the spouses can organize elegant and classic entertainment moments outdoors and have unique backgrounds to capture unforgettable moments in wedding photos.