Florence Wedding Venue

Florence is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities where to celebrate a wedding. The Florence wedding venues from which you can choose are really many. It is one of the cities in Italy that best combines the historical charm of its monuments, its palaces and its adventurous history with the beauty of a breathtaking countryside, consisting of sweet hills and luxury estates. Carlo Carletti is an expert wedding photographer in Florence. Just look at his wedding photos to understand that if you choose Florence, you will live a real fairy tale.

If you want to celebrate your wedding in the center of the city, you can choose one of the charming churches for a religious wedding, or a historic palace for a civil wedding. But you can also decide to reach the countryside for the reception and for other wedding photos. Every period of the year is magical in Florence. Especially at the beginning of summer, when the wheat fields are dyed in all shades of gold and the sky is clear and blue, Carlo Carletti will give you the best for your wedding photos in Florence. Choose the wedding venue you prefer and trust in the professionalism of the best wedding photographer in Florence.