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Wedding Venues in Italy

Italy, the sweet country that brings to mind the emotions of fairy tales and enchanted stories. The land of romance, of eternal love, as eternal are the historic cities and the beauties of a breathtaking landscape. What better way to celebrate your love than to marry in Italy? Carlo Carletti, Italian wedding photographer, is ready to immortalize with his camera your magic moments. Let yourself be inspired by his wedding stories in Italy and discover the best Italian wedding venues. Because a photographer who wants to tell about Italy does not have to be just a good photographer. He must know how to talk about love, know how to give image to feelings. This is why Carlo Carletti is the best wedding photographer in Italy. Choose his professionalism and you will have a memory of your wedding that will make you relive the same emotions of that day, every time you will have a look at the album. What is so unique about Italian wedding venues? Look at the wedding stories and they will tell you themselves. The warm colors of the countryside, with the golden hills, covered with wheat, which are lost at sight under an intense and brilliant blue sky. The warmth of the sun, which seems to embrace the bride and groom at their most important moment. Then, the grandeur of the monuments and buildings, the perfect setting for an infinite love, like yours, and for your beautiful Italian wedding photographs.