Villa Miani Weddings

The secrets of a beautiful and unforgettable wedding? They are summarized in three simple words: location, elegance and atmosphere. A Villa Miani weddingRome, is the perfect combination of these three elements.

Villa Miani is the place you will spend unforgettable moments during your wedding, in the company of your relatives and friends. At the same time, the perfect backdrop for our wedding photo shoot will help you keep the memory of that day forever.

My gallery of Villa Miani wedding photoshoot

Villa Miani is the ideal wedding venue in Rome. The beautiful and historic neoclassical residence was built in 1837 and stands on the Hill of Monte Mario offering a spectacular view of Rome. An extremely elegant wrought iron gate serves as access to Villa Miani. A wonderful avenue follows, perfect for the spouses who want to make a spectacular entrance in order to surprise their guests and capture that special moment with our photos.

Villa Miani wedding: a high class event

At the end of the avenue there is a beautiful fountain that leads to the stairways, lined with green hedges. The exterior of Villa Miani has a well-kept garden that can be used to celebrate the wedding ceremony or to have a drink before the wedding banquet.

Villa Miani weddings: Civil, Catholic and Jewish weddings

Civil weddings and receptions for Catholic weddings can be celebrated at Villa Miani. The Jewish weddings at Villa Miani are also unique, where the charm of religious tradition finds its ideal setting in the great elegance of the villa. Villa Miani Jewish weddings are always high class ceremonies.

Thanks to my presence as a wedding photographer at Villa Miani, we will immortalize the most special, meaningful and unforgettable moments of the ceremony. The photos of these moments will be wonderful to see again

The staff of Villa Miani will take care of satisfying the wishes and preferences of the spouses, to give life to the wonderful wedding you’ve always imagined. Want more inspiration from my photos? Look at (weddings at La Posta Vecchia), Ladispoli.

wedding at Villa Miani is a real dream come true.