Hotel Caruso Weddings Ravello

If you are looking for inspiration to create, in an absolutely perfect way, the most important day of your life, a Hotel Caruso wedding can offer you the suitable location to realize your fairy tale.

The Hotel Caruso is located in a structure built in the 11th century by a wealthy family who sought refuge in Ravello, after escaping from Constantinople. It is surrounded by secular nurseries of disarming beauty, made of fragrant rose bushes and aromatic herbs. It also includes a dream swimming pool: it is the ideal destination for a wedding in Ravello.

Hotel Caruso wedding photographs

Wedding photos at Hotel Caruso, Amalfi Coast. Ravello

Inside, the structure is made regal by the walls that make up the large rooms and their ceilings, completely frescoed in an elegant and fine way and by arched stone vaults. Outside you will be fascinated by the views of the Amalfi coast, as it is a glimpse of ancient and refined romanticism, perfect for a special day, during your Hotel Caruso wedding.

Hotel Caruso wedding: Civil and Religious wedding venue

If you are organizing at Catholic wedding, you’ll be able to celebrate the wedding in the wonderful Ravello Cathedral, which vaunts almost a millennium of history, to then reach the hotel with your guests; you will be greeted by fragrant roses, in the spacious terraces caressed by the sun and in the sumptuous royal halls. I will accompany you, as a wedding photographer in Ravello, to capture every moment of the ceremony.

Hotel Caruso can be chosen for any type of ceremony, even for civil weddings, or other religions. Are you thinking of a Hotel Caruso Jewish wedding? You will certainly not be disappointed.

Take inspiration by my wedding photos at Hotel Caruso

Whatever your preference, at the Hotel Caruso, in Ravello, you will have a team of professionals who will know what to do to make your dream come true. Ravello is one of the most famous wedding venues in the world: see also (weddings at Villa Cimbrone), for example.