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Hotel Cipriani weddings

Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice is a unique place, where you can breathe the magic atmosphere of the city. Hotel Cipriani weddings represent the luxury style in Venice and every moment at the hotel will give you back the impression to live in a fairytale.

Hotel Cipriani wedding photographs: narrative of love

In Italy there are Belmond hotel just in the most exclusive locations, where also is possible to organize unforgettable weddings. A wedding at hotel Cipriani, in Venice, is reserved to very high class couples, who want to exchange their promises of love with a luxury and unforgettable ceremony.

When I’m called to attempt to a wedding as a Venice wedding photographer, I can be sure that I will live an amazing experience. You can see this excellence in the narrative of my wedding shooting at hotel Cipriani.

Wedding Venues:

Hotel Cipriani wedding: a high class event

Hotel Cipriani is located in a very old palace, and inside the rooms you can find exquisite antiques artifacts, symbol of the glorious history of the city. Venice is famous for its antique palaces. Another place you can consider in Venice is (Palazzo Polignac), not so far from Hotel Cipriani.

Wedding at Hotel Cipriani, Venice: live the luxury

Hotel Cipriani in Venice is like a luxury city inside the city of Venice. The spouses and the other guests can count on restaurants, maybe with a dinner looking the romantic canals of Venice and the gondolas floating on the water. There are also boutiques, gardens, tennis camps and the only Olimpionic-side swimming pool in the city.

Not only the wedding day will be incredible. Hotel Cipriani wedding is something unbelievable both in the days before and after the ceremony. This can be a fantastic backyard for our photo service for every kind of ceremony. You can choose to stay at Hotel Cipriani for your Catholic wedding, celebrating the ceremony in one of the many churches around the hotel. But you can choose also a civil wedding, a Protestan wedding or a Simbolic one. Many Jewish couples come to Venice for their Jewish WeddingHotel Cipriani welcomes them like the most glamorous star in Venice.