Wedding San Galgano Abbey

If you love the warm and the emotional colors of the Tuscany countryside, with its gold, green and yellow shade, a wedding at San Galgano Abbey will be the ideal for you. This can be considered one of the most suggestive wedding location, a medieval evidence of a golden age for the region. San Galgano Abbey was built in 1324. It is located just about 25 miles from Siena, another pearl of the Tuscany backstage. When San Galgano lost its importance, it was deprived of the title of Abbey, in 15th century.

The church was never rebuilt, but its charms is still strong and alive. When you enter through the impressive walls, especially during the wedding ceremony, you can breath a magic atmosphere. Elegant, ethereal, spiritual, which only the photos can describe in the perfect way. Look at the wedding photographs at San Galgano Abbey, and the unique mood in the background.

Wedding at San Galgano Abbey has a particularity: the church has no roof, since it was collapsed in 1786. So you can marriage under the incredible blue Tuscany sky, but with the protection and shelter of the walls of the church. This make the atmosphere, if possible, even more fantastic. A wedding at San Galgano Abbey can be celebrate with civil ceremony.

Tuscany offers to the spouses also very tasty cuisine, romantic and sweet music and a warm welcome from the local people. You will never forget your wedding at San Galgano Abbey, a gorgeous opportunity to confirm your love forever. Carlo Carletti, with his experience like wedding photographer at San Galgano, will help you to impress in the memory every emotion of your special day.