La Cervara weddings

Weddings at la Cervara in Portofino are chosen by exclusive, romantic couples all over the world. What is behind this place? The Benedictine Abbey La Cervara is very ancient: it was founded in 1361. Many important figures of the past, religious and illustrious personalities have stayed here, and the history tell of adventures and mysteries around this place.

Now you can breathe this long narration in every part of La Cervara. The Italian style architecture is majestic and impressive when you arrive at the property. The gardens are well cared, with centenary trees and terraces overlooking the sea;

La Cervara weddings: antique and mysterious luxury place

It is not easy to decide which is the most exclusive wedding venue in Portofino, and this part of the Italian Riviera is appreciated for holidays, events and wedding from thousands of people each year; Portofino is one of the most beloved city in Italy.

La Cervara weddings give you the chance to stay in a quiet and charming place, just 6 kilometers far away from the center of Portofino. On the road, you will find another fantastic and renowned wedding venue in Portofino, (hotel Splendido), a luxury resort full of comfort.

Wedding Venues:

Wedding photos ideas at La Cervara residence

For an unforgettable wedding photo service at La Cervara, we can count on many possibilities. The result will be a unique wedding photo album, a forever witness of your love. The organization will provide all you need for your special wedding.

The property is large, and it can accommodate up to 500 people for the reception, up to 30 for the night (but it is possible to have more accommodations around). There are very enchanted places where it is possible to take wedding photos at La Cervara.

You can choose different spaces for each moment of the celebration, so everything will be even more exclusive. In case of rain, we would take most of the wedding photos inside. In the prestigious rooms, the glorious past blends with modern comfort. This will the perfect backstage for your wedding at La Cervara, Portofino.