Villa la Cassinella Weddings

Villa la Cassinella is without any doubt the most exclusive, luxury and fascinating place on the Lake Como, and probably of all Italy. For this reason, weddings at Villa la Cassinella are unforgettable events.

Villa la Cassinella is a private facility, located on the western shore of the Lake Como. You can reach Villa la Cassinella just by boat and this makes this villa even more fascinating.

Wedding photos at Villa la Cassinella

Is the ideal place if you are searching for a very luxury place, and if you are organizing a very intimate weddingVilla la Cassinella can hosts up to 17 guests, and the staff will treat you as princes. The place is perfect to take a fantastic wedding photography service. We can take wedding photos at Villa la Cassinella in the private swimming pool, refinished with 22-carat gold reflective tiles, built close to the lake. There is a Terrace House also, with panoramic lake views and a private lakefront where the dock is located. The spouses can make an unforgettable entrance by boat.

Weddings at Villa la Cassinella: overlooking the Lake of Como

I love the atmosphere at Villa la Cassinella and it is always an honor for me to take part at a wedding photo session in this place. The qualified personnel is ready to fulfill every guest’s whish, for a luxury, high class service. You will never forget this moment, weddings at Villa la Cassinella are not unique just for the ceremony, but they represent a real journey in a fairytale.

There is a private cinema, a spa, a fully equipped gym with personal trainer and beautician. For the wedding dinner, you can count on a private chef ready to cook original tasty Italian recipes, accompanied with a glass of the sweet wine produced in the hills around Villa la Cassinella. Around there is also another beautiful place, perfect for wedding ceremony, (villa Balbianello).

Villa la Cassinella wedding shooting: my art for you

Weddings at Villa la Cassinella have something more special also for the aura of mystery surrounding the villa. Nobody knows certainly who its owner is.
Many people thinks that Richard Branson, British entrepreneur and owner of the Virgin Group company, could be the owner of Villa la Cassinella, but he has never confirmed this statement. No problem, if you are dreaming your wedding at Villa la Cassinella on Lake Como the manager of the property will help you, and I will pleased to be your wedding photographer at Villa la Cassinella.