Villa Balbianello Wedding

Villa del Balbianello is one of the most appreciated wedding venues on the Lake Como. This place transmit quite and peace. There are no paved roads to access to the villa, and it’s possible to arrive with a walk across a little pathway in the green hills, or it’s possible to arrive to Villa Balbianello by boat, from Lesso dock. Villa del Balbianello weddings are very luxury events.

The history of this place is very long, and every detail of the architecture, of the gardens and of the terraces of the villa tell about the mastery of the Italian style. The building dates back to the 1700s, but there was at that place before an ancient Franciscan monastery before.

Villa del Balbianello wedding photographs: open the way to your dream

This side of the Lake Como is exclusive and the destination for the nobles from all around the world. Close to the Villa there is another example of luxury Italian stylish architecture. It is (Villa la Cassinella), one of the most fairytale wedding venues on the Lake Como.

Villa Balbianello: a high class event

Both villa la Cassinella and Villa Balbianello have the authorization for the celebration of symbolic and legal civic weddings, because the local registry allows these kind of events. However, even if you want other style of weddings, a religious catholic one or maybe a Jewish wedding, you will find the right solutions here.

wedding photography service at Villa Balbianello is an eternal memory of your love. The atmosphere is so magic that Villa del Balbianello is well known not only for the luxury weddings. Many Hollywood hits have been shoot here, one for all Star Wars and the timeless scene of the kiss between Princess Padmè; and young Anakin. Your ceremony will be as a dream made true. Take inspiration from the luxury: every details will be cared and will tell about your love, Villa del Balbianello weddings are the most romantic events on the Lake Como.