Wedding Como Lake

Lake Como, in Italy, has unique characteristics. For this, a wedding on Lake Como will leave you an indelible memory. This is an Italian region with a mild climate. In winter, although the surrounding mountains are covered with snow, there is always sweet warmth from the lake, which does not make the cold feel pungent. In summer, the air is breezy and pleasant, so much so that the walks along the lake are a healthy touch to regain energy and well-being. Want to know more about the wedding on Lake Como and what’s next? The hills around the lake are famous for the production of one of the best wines in Italy. Combined with delicious local recipes, will make your wedding reception unforgettable.

A wedding on Lake Como is ideal if you are looking for peace, romance and luxury. There are many villas and exclusive residences on the shores of the lake, some perfect for an intimate wedding, with few guests, others organized to host large events. Carlo Carletti is a italian wedding photographer with a great experience regarding weddings on Lake Como. He knows perfectly well how to choose the right angles where to take pictures. Look at his wedding stories on Lake Como and imagine how great your wedding will be.