Wedding Photographer in Venice

Venice wedding photographer: I will make everything perfect during your wedding in Venice

Venice is a unique city in the world. Describe the atmosphere you can breathe in Venice is impossible just with the words. Look at my artworks of the previous weddings in Venice. I’m sure you will fall in love easily. Venice is romantic atmosphere and magic in every of its part. It’s the perfect wedding venue for a romantic couple and you will have my help, like expert Venice wedding photographer, to make everything perfect.

Along the canals you will follow the road of your love, tenderly rocked in your hugs. It will be an unforgettable experience, and the city will be the perfect background to express your emotions during your fairytale wedding. Follow me in this journey across Venice, I will show you how it is possible to make it even better.

Why to choose the best Venice wedding photographer

The structure of the city of Venice is just incomparable with others, it is exclusive like your love. The calm water in the canal, the sweet breeze from the sea, the artistic and historical buildings reflected in the water, make this city a perfect wedding venue in Italy for every ceremony.
It is not important if you’re searching for a religious wedding, or for a symbolic wedding in Venice or a civil one. Our commitment like Venice wedding photographers is to help you to get the best and to impress your memories in your heart and in your eyes forever, through our photos.

Fairytales Wedding in Venice

Like most of Italian city, Venice has also a friendly population, really good food and some of the most taste Italian wine. Your wedding in Venice will be a complete experience, a 360° tour and will help you to explore your love in deepness. You can choose the Venice venue you prefer, and organize a wedding reception for your relatives and friends. Venice is cosmopolitan city: every culture will find a great welcome here. If you’re organizing a Jewish wedding, an Asian wedding or another one, Venice will be perfect for your needs. And you will have a lot of fun here.

Photographers in Venice

Many couples, for example, decide to try a wedding in gondola experience. This is perfect for the couples searching for an elopement wedding in Venice: you will celebrate an intimate wedding, romantic and intense, and you will have forever in your mind, also thanks to our Venice photography service.
Also if you have relatives and friends with you, Venice will be the perfect choice: This city is not just water and canals where to stay in intimacy with your lover, but also beautiful gardens, impressive palaces, and amazing count yard, beautiful places where you can celebrate a luxury wedding party looking at the sea.

Wedding in Venice: the most romantic city in the world

Why you should choose our experience? Because we are the best wedding photographers in Venice, and we would be glad if you want to have our services in your special day.

Inspiration for Venice wedding venues

The charm of a wedding in Venice is unquestionable, but the choice of the location is one of the fundamental steps to have a ceremony that fully reflects your style and your desires.
If you want to take inspiration, my experience as a Venice wedding photographer has led me to attend ceremonies in the most important locations. To live the dream of a wedding as a star, you can see wedding at the Hotel Aman, where George Clooney and his partner Amal Alamuddin got married.
For a fairytale wedding, pampered by every kind of comfort, a wedding at the Hotel Cipriani, which is part of the prestigious Belmond group, will be ideal. If you dream to experience the charm of the Italian Renaissance, I suggest you take inspiration from my wedding photos at Palazzo Pisani Moretta, an example of timeless sophistication.
The same emotions can be inspired by Palazzo Polignac wedding, which tells a story of art and music within its walls. A wedding at Palazzo Bauer, on the other hand, will allow you to admire the city from the highest panoramic terrace in Venice, while enjoying a glass of good wine in the company of the love of your life.

Wedding Venice

I will make my best to give you something unforgettable. Think about the right moment to take a picture. A wedding photography service in Venice is art. A kiss in the sunshine, while the sun ryes reflect in the water and your hands will touch sweetly. The light of Venice in the evening, during the last part of the ceremony will take you in your last dance, prelude of your life together.
Venice is considered the most romantic city in the world and there is a reason. You will understand it while you will enjoy your loving tour at Ponte di Rialto, on the Canal Grande, during a gondola ride, or you will enjoy a glass of wine in front of the amazing Basilica di San Marco, during your unforgettable wedding in Venice.

My Italian Wedding in Venice

These are just few examples of the incredible places we can visit in this fantastic region. It is an honor for me to be a Venice wedding photographer and I will put all my passion to tell your story with my pictures.