Wedding Photographer Capri

Capri wedding photographer: the island symbol of love

“Capri – Reina de Roca –
En tu vestido
De color amaranto y azucena
Vivi desarrollando
La dicha y el dolor- la vina llena
De radiantes racimos
Que conquisté en la tierra”

Pablo Neruda

I am one of the best Capri wedding photographer and my experience will help you to take an exclusive photography service, to transform your wedding in Capri in something unforgettable.

Wedding Photographer Capri

Neruda described Capri Island like a “queen of stone” and its colors and the beauty of its land and the sea impressed him. The poet fallen in love with Capri, where he lived for one year with the love of his life, Matilde. Here, in the spring of 1952, in front of a brilliant moon in the sky, they celebrate a symbolic wedding, maybe the first in our history.

Exclusive Wedding in Capri

In that moment, they could not get the civil wedding, because the poet was still marriage with his second wife. Pablo and Matilde will celebrate their legal marriage just in 1966, but the symbolic one was the most important for them, and the only real one. For them, like for many couples all around the world, Capri is a symbol of love, a special island for a special event.

Capri wedding photographer: choose the right wedding venue for you

Capri is sun, sea, colors, joy and love. Both if you want to celebrate a religious wedding in Capri, or a civil one, or maybe a symbolic wedding, like the one between Pablo Neruda and Matilde, you will have the perfect location to frame you love and you feelings. We attended to Catholic weddingsJewish weddingsAsian weddings in Capri, and every time it was a great emotion and a very successfully ceremony.

Wedding Capri

Capri is an island placed just in front of Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, and it’s one real pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. From the beautiful panoramic points, you will admire the incredible blue sea, and your eyes can wander to the coast, admiring Vesuvio Vulcan and the Gulf of Naples. Therefore, you can choose your favorite Capri wedding venue for your event.

Destination Weddings in Capri

There are churches for religious wedding, or buildings and villas available for the civil one. If you are really romantic and you dream a luxury wedding in Capri, you could consider to celebrate a civil or a symbolic ceremony on a boat, just a little far away from the coast, under the Faraglioni, the three big rocks that are located in south-east of Capri Island.

Capri is loved since the ancient time, and there are many historical testimonies of the people living in this fantastic island. If you would choose a roman villa for your ceremony, you will make like a jump in the past. Wedding photographs in Capri, taken in front of ruins reflecting in the sea, will be the union from love, cultural treasures, nature and incredible views. There are not many places in the world so unique.

Capri wedding venues: every moment is special for you

Due to the magic of this incredible land, and the romantic atmosphere you can breathe here, Capri is the perfect venue for every wedding ceremony. Think about the freedom and the emotions of an elopement wedding in Capri. Leave all the daily life behind you and come to live the adventure of a fairytale wedding in Capri. It will be a memory you will keep in your heart forever and a great symbol of your love. This explain the importance of the photography. Taking a symbolic wedding photography service in Capri will give you the remember of these moments, a professional artwork that will be able to catch every single heartbeat, to make visible every feelings. You will have the opportunity, looking at the pictures in the future, to relive all the magic.

Our work as Capri wedding photographers is not only for marriage’s service. We do our best for every event, like for anniversary, special birthday celebrations, and for every occasion people want to spend a special time here to keep forever in their mind.

Have you ever thought about a wedding proposal in Capri? This is also a perfect event to celebrate in this special island. Therefore, it will be not a simple holiday, but the opportunity to share your vows for a life together. Sometimes it not important just the burocratic part, but promise eternal love to each other can be more sincere and true. I will be the witness of this magic: this is what I really love about being a Capri wedding photographer.