Wedding in Venice

Venice is the city of love. Poets and writers have written about it in every age. Directors and set designers have chosenthis city as the setting for their love films. And you? Have you thought about a wedding in Venice? No choice can be better. Venice embodies love in all its forms. These feelings will make your wedding even more unforgettable. Venice is a unique city in the world. Enjoy a preview with Carlo Carletti’s wedding stories in Venice and imagine your fabulous wedding. Every wish you have will find a way to be granted. Thanks to the wedding photographs, you will carry a memory that will forever remain indelible in your heart.

You can choose between different wedding venues in Venice. From the most luxurious and intimate hotel, ideal for an elopement wedding or a private wedding, to the princely palace capable of hosting hundreds of guests. Inevitable, in any case, will be a romantic boat trip on the Venetian canals. You can dream of your ideal ceremony, and in Venice you can live it. Carlo Carletti, famous Venice wedding photographer, will be at your side to make your wedding photos a real artwork. This is what he specializes in: imprinting your emotions and your love in his photographs, forever.

best wedding in Venice Italy Exclusive Wedding in Venice Italy

Venice is well known throughout the world as the city of love, a romantic symbol of the choice of living together. Your promises of eternal love, whether it be a real marriage or a symbolic rite, will take on an even deeper meaning in Venice. If you imagine Venice only as the gondola ride through the […]

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Venice wedding Wedding in Venice

Venice is a unique city in the world. Describe the atmosphere you can breathe in Venice is impossible just with the words. Look at my artworks of the previous weddings in Venice. I’m sure you will fall in love easily. Venice is romantic atmosphere and magic in every of its part. It’s the perfect wedding venue for a […]

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Aman Venice Hotel look Hotel Aman Weddings, Venice

Are you searching a luxury wedding venue in Venice? Hotel Aman is what you were looking for. Aman Venice Hotel is located in the heart of the city, near Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge, the perfect backyard for an amazing wedding photo service in Venice. Aman Hotel is part of the Aman Group, that owns many exclusive destinations […]

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Hotel Cipriani wedding Hotel Cipriani weddings

Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice is a unique place, where you can breathe the magic atmosphere of the city. Hotel Cipriani weddings represent the luxury style in Venice and every moment at the hotel will give you back the impression to live in a fairytale. Hotel Cipriani wedding photographs: narrative of love In Italy there are Belmond hotel just […]

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wedding at Pisani Moretta palace Pisani Moretta Weddings

Pisani Moretta palace is one of the most fascinating buildings in Venice. Also for this reason it is one of the most enchanting and sought after places to celebrate a wedding in Venice. This splendor is given not only by its architectural beauty, but also, and above all, by the charm that is hidden in its rooms. […]

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Palazzo Polignac wedding Palazzo Contarini Polignac weddings

Palazzo Contarini Polignac is one of the major places in Venice where the art and culture of the city is concentrated. For this reason, if you dream of a fairytale wedding, refined and elegant, Palazzo Polignac will be your ideal choice. Weddings at Palazzo Polignac are memorable events. Wedding photos at Palazzo Polignac: a real artwork Palazzo Contarini Polignac […]

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Hotel Bauer Venice Wedding Italy Hotel Bauer Wedding

Bauer in Venice is a reality that embodies two different personalities: Bauer Hotel, one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Venice, and Bauer Palazzo, from which all the charm of the Venetian style shines through. Whatever location you choose, Bauer Hotel is the ideal destination for a fairytale wedding in Venice. From the windows of the Bauer […]

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Carlo Carletti Italian Wedding Photographer

Carlo Carletti, Italian wedding photographer. Discover the wedding stories he has to tell and be inspired by the emotions that only Italy is able to give.

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