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Lake Como is one of the most beautiful lake in the world. The climate is sweet, the nature is charming, people are friendly and there is tasty food and very good wine. This is the perfect luxury wedding venue for couples searching for quiet, for romantic locations and for exclusive solutions.

Lake Como wedding photographer

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Lake Como is a very renowned touristic area, and many celebrities come every year to spend their spring and summer holiday in this fantastic place. One for all, George Clooney, one of the most beloved man of the world, has four villas in different places of the Lake Como, and enjoy to spend relaxing holidays with his family here. You can have a fairytale wedding on Lake Como as a star, and you will feel like a prince and princess. All your dreams will be reality in such an amazing corner of paradise. You will have the possibility to choose from hundreds of different Lake Como wedding venues, in accordance with the kind of marriage you want to organize.

Jewish Weddings on the Lake Como

The photo service on Lake Como is the perfect way to make your love visible, and to catch every single whisper that, otherwise, you could forget with the passing years. The climate is mild, and in summer it is never too hot: this will give you the opportunity to enjoy your event in your favorite way, spending all the time outside, reaching the best places to take photos.

There are fantastic locations for religious weddings, close to churches if you want a Catholic wedding, or used to host other religions events, like Jewish weddings, Protestant weddings and others. We will be at your side to realize an unforgettable Lake Como wedding photography service, a memory you will have forever in your mind.

Lake Como Elopement, Wedding on the Lake Como

Alternatively, you can choose an historical palace or a castle, the perfect background for a civil wedding on the Lake Como or for an elopement wedding. Wonder how many love stories blossomed in the rooms of these antique buildings. Now they are ready to host you and your fiancé (or fiancée) to pronounce your promises of love.

Inspiration for wedding venues on Lake Como

Weddings on Lake Como are considered the most refined in the world, also thanks to the presence of numerous noble residences that tell the history of Italian art.
Among all, as a wedding photographer, I love weddings at Villa d’Este, considered one of the most romantic residences in the world. Not least, if you want photographic ideas for your wedding, can be a wedding at Villa Pizzo, with its terraces overlooking the lake.
For couples looking for a modern design, without giving up the romanticism and charm of Lake Como, without a doubt a wedding at the Mandarin Oriental will satisfy their every expectation.
The two residences, instead, more exclusive and luxurious for a fairytale wedding on Lake Como, are Villa la Cassinella and Villa del Balbianello. These two estates are nearby, can be reached by boat and welcome guests with their timeless charm.


  1. Villa D'Este Lake Como
  2. Villa Pizzo Lake Como
  3. Mandarin Oriental
  4. Villa la Cassinella Lake Como
  5. Villa del Balbianello

Lake Come wedding venues: villages e castles for your beautiful photos

The Lake Como area has always been particularly appreciated as an aristocratic holidays destination. Rich nobles built many residences, each time trying to do better than competitors. Thanks to their pride, we have here some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Italy.

Around the villas and noble residences, some very characteristic villages have been built, with houses overlooking the sea and protected behind by the high mountains, surrounded by the incredible nature of the place. A real Italian style fairytale wedding is waiting for you and we will realize impressive photographs throughout the whole day.

Best Lake Como Wedding Photographers

You can also organize a boat trip on the lake, visiting the villages and taste the local specialties, accompanied by a glass of one of the incredible wines they produce on Lake Como. These romantic moments can be used for a wedding proposal. If you choose to have us by your side, you will have the best Lake Como wedding photographers to make your memories eternal, as your love will be eternal.

Bellagio, with its imposing buildings reflected in the blue crystal water of the Lake Como, is always has been a noble destination. In its little streets you will breath the magic of the aristocratic past, and we could catch every hidden corner of its suggestive Italian style.

Another beautiful little village, ideal as a luxury Lake Como wedding venue, is Varenna. This lovely place has characterized by colorful houses, many typical Italian restaurants and the beautiful “Walk of Love” (“Passeggiata degli Innamorati”), from the little harbor to the center of the village. On the top of the hill, it is possible to admire Castle of Vezio, amazing building built more than one thousand years ago.

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My Italian Wedding in Como lake

These are just few examples of the incredible places we can visit in this fantastic region. It is an honor for me to be a Lake Como wedding photographer and I will put all my passion to tell your story with my pictures.

luxury wedding in Lake Como Wedding Como Lake

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful lake in the world. The climate is sweet, the nature is charming, people are friendly and there is tasty food and very good wine. This is the perfect luxury wedding venue for couples searching for quiet, for romantic locations and for exclusive solutions. Lake Como wedding photographer the importance of […]

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