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Italy, the sweet country that brings to mind the emotions of fairy tales and enchanted stories. The land of romance, of eternal love, as eternal are the historic cities and the beauties of a breathtaking landscape. What better way to celebrate your love than to marry in Italy? Carlo Carletti, Italian wedding photographer, is ready to immortalize with his camera your magic moments. Let yourself be inspired by his wedding stories in Italy and discover the best Italian wedding venues. Because a photographer who wants to tell about Italy does not have to be just a good photographer. He must know how to talk about love, know how to give image to feelings.

This is why Carlo Carletti is the best wedding photographer in Italy. Choose his professionalism and you will have a memory of your wedding that will make you relive the same emotions of that day, every time you will have a look at the album. What is so unique about Italian wedding venues? Look at the wedding stories and they will tell you themselves. The warm colors of the countryside, with the golden hills, covered with wheat, which are lost at sight under an intense and brilliant blue sky. The warmth of the sun, which seems to embrace the bride and groom at their most important moment. Then, the grandeur of the monuments and buildings, the perfect setting for an infinite love, like yours, and for your beautiful Italian wedding photographs.

wedding photographers in San Galgano Abbey italy Wedding San Galgano Abbey

If you love the warm and the emotional colors of the Tuscany countryside, with its gold, green and yellow shade, a wedding at San Galgano Abbey will be the ideal for you. This can be considered one of the most suggestive wedding location, a medieval evidence of a golden age for the region. San Galgano […]

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famous Toscana photographers Wedding Photographer Tuscany

Tuscany is without a doubt one of the most beautiful regions not only in Italy, but also in the whole world. Loved and appreciated for the wonderful treasures you can discover here, it offers an incredible variety of environments, cities and lifestyles that perfectly adapt to every wish. Those who have decided to celebrate their wedding in […]

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Ravello wedding in Ravello Capri&Ravello Wedding Venues

The area of the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Naplesare undoubtedly among the most enchanting places in Italy. Celebrating your wedding in a city like Capri and Ravello can give you an even more important meaning to the most beautiful day of your life. Capri and Ravello wedding: two pearls in the Mediterranean Sea This is a corner of […]

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italian Roma wedding Wedding Venues Rome

What a better location than Rome, the Eternal City, to celebrate your wedding and exchange the promises of a life together? Rome is undoubtedly the most spectacular city in the world, the earthly example of immortality. This is the perfect witness to observe your declarations of eternal love, and to accompany you in your most beautiful day […]

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italian jewish wedding Jewish Wedding Photographer

To be an expert Jewish Wedding photographer means to be able to share the feelings all over the day. It is important to know perfectly how one of the most important rituals of Jewish culture takes place. All the ceremony is full of meaning and every time I am part of a real magic. I do my […]

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wedding photographer Florence italy Florence Wedding Photographer

Choosing Florence for your wedding means living a special day in one of the most beautiful locations in Italy. Florence has the charm of a historic and artistic city, combined with the beauty of the surrounding countryside, so that the bride and groom can organize the event as they wish. What you will not miss is the […]

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luxury wedding in Lake Como Wedding Como Lake

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful lake in the world. The climate is sweet, the nature is charming, people are friendly and there is tasty food and very good wine. This is the perfect luxury wedding venue for couples searching for quiet, for romantic locations and for exclusive solutions. Lake Como wedding photographer the importance of […]

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best wedding in Venice Italy Exclusive Wedding in Venice Italy

Venice is well known throughout the world as the city of love, a romantic symbol of the choice of living together. Your promises of eternal love, whether it be a real marriage or a symbolic rite, will take on an even deeper meaning in Venice. If you imagine Venice only as the gondola ride through the […]

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Venice wedding Wedding in Venice

Venice is a unique city in the world. Describe the atmosphere you can breathe in Venice is impossible just with the words. Look at my artworks of the previous weddings in Venice. I’m sure you will fall in love easily. Venice is romantic atmosphere and magic in every of its part. It’s the perfect wedding venue for a […]

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Capri wedding castle Wedding Photographer Capri

the island symbol of love “Capri – Reina de Roca –En tu vestidoDe color amaranto y azucenaVivi desarrollandoLa dicha y el dolor- la vina llenaDe radiantes racimosQue conquisté en la tierra”Pablo Neruda I am one of the best Capri wedding photographer and my experience will help you to take an exclusive photography service, to transform your wedding in […]

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Amalfi Coast wedding venue Weddings in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is a real paradise located in South Italy and it is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is not easy to describe with words such a beautiful place. Look at the photos and dream to live a magic experience: you will understand why Amalfi Coast is one of the favorite wedding venues in […]

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exclusive wedding in Florence Florence Wedding Photographer

Why a wedding in Florence? Because it is not a simple city. You can be sure that Florence is a city for lovers. For me it is a big honor to be a Florence wedding photographer and I want to show you the emotions and the feelings I experience every time I accompany a couple in their fairytale wedding day. […]

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Carlo Carletti Italian Wedding Photographer

Carlo Carletti, Italian wedding photographer. Discover the wedding stories he has to tell and be inspired by the emotions that only Italy is able to give.

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