Weddings in Capri & Ravello

Wedding Photographer Ravello

The area of the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Naples are undoubtedly among the most enchanting places in Italy. Celebrating your wedding in a city like Capri and Ravello can give you an even more important meaning to the most beautiful day of your life.

Capri and Ravello wedding: two pearls in the Mediterranean Sea

This is a corner of paradise, where you can realize your own love fairytale in a landscape full of endless emotions. Capri is a blaze of life. Surrounded by the sea, this small island stands like a pearl within the Mediterranean Sea, with its white houses, the alleys that climb the coast, and the sea. The sea, clear, clean, deep blue, where every of your kiss will be reflected towards the infinite. A wedding ceremony in Capri is something unforgettable.

Not least, surely, is Ravello. Ravello is one of the most exclusive wedding venues in Italy. It is considered the most luxurious and elegant, among the towns of the Amalfi Coast. At the same time, it is less known and therefore less invaded by mass tourism than others, such as Amalfi. Your wedding in Ravello will therefore be refined and intimate, an occasion in which you can immerse yourself in the immensity of these places, swearing your eternal love.

Capri and Ravello welcome the spouses in an atmosphere that is not possible to found in other parts of the world: the air is rich in meaning, beauty and love. Everything speaks of love in these places: love for the sea, for life, for music and for good food. The spouses, hand in hand during the celebration of their union, follow the road towards the beginning of their lives together. The festive atmosphere carry them away.

The joy of a wedding in Capri and Ravello

There are not just the guests who celebrate with the bride and the groom in their wedding special day. Capri and Ravello are seaside towns, open to tourism and hospitality. The inhabitants are nice and friendly and it is always a pleasure to stay in these places. Even for us, wedding photographers, and for the organizers who help the bride and the groom for the wedding preparation, the treatment is great.

It creates a festive atmosphere, where the participants can feel the emotions even stronger. Looking at the photos, even in the years after the celebration of the wedding in Capri and Ravello, the feelings will still be the same. Your eyes will find themselves staring at the sea from the flowered terrace again. You will relive the same kiss on the beach by the sea and the sweet music that accompanied you in your first dance together.