I’m Carlo Carletti, and I’m one of the best wedding photographers in Tuscany. Have a look at my portfolio and dream with the most romantic stories you have ever seen before. To make a great remember of the wedding day, of the ceremony and of the reception, you need to choose the right place. Like a real prince with his princess, you will crown your love in a fairytale wedding location. The most important city in Tuscany is Florence. This city is a brilliant pearl located in a breathtaking countryside. Especially in the summer, when the sunflowers are blooming and the grain is golden, we can have an incredible set for our wedding photo sessions.

Florence is also an international city, with a lot of different culture and religions. It’s perfect if you want a Jewish wedding in Florence. I have a lot of experience as a Jewish wedding photographer: together we will be a winning team for a very successful event. Tuscany has the peculiarity of combining different landscapes just in a few kilometers of road. You will enjoy a wild mountain views and in less than one or two hours you can reach the enchanting Mediterranean Sea. In the middle, there is the sweetness of the Tuscany hills, famous for the good food and the refined wine also.

I can recommend this region as I’m an expert wedding photographer in Tuscany, but I’m sure you will be enchanted by every moment you will spend here.