My beginnings in wedding photography

I started my career as a professional wedding photography in 1996. After having graduated in law at the age of 29 – a bit late, to speak – and instead of working as a lawyer or in a public office I decided I wanted to concentrate in my real passion, photography. I’ve been passionated about photography also during the years at university and honestly I would even say I used to take more pictures than studying for the exams. So, once I was let’s say free from the obligation of obtaining a degree I decided to completely change my focus and this is how I transformed a vague passion into a real profession. I opened my first photography studio in Poggibonsi where, like in all the studios of the ’90s, I could work in contact with the surrounding environment, because the situation was different from now and was a bit closer to people. In that day I used to focus on some kind of industrial or commercial photography model or on wedding photography, but only the following year I did I realize that owning a generic studio was nothing special or was not so fruitful. I happened during the wedding of an English couple here in Tuscany and on that occasion I decided to concentrate on ceremony photography from a special point of view, that of a real reportage. Athough this technique is more common today than you might think, at that time it was really innovative. Now, I don’t want to state I was the one who brought reportage photography into the market, but the English couple accepted the proposal of spontaneously documenting their wedding with curiosity and joy and their excitement was totally different from the reaction of other Italian clients.They even had no clues about my idea, as they hadn’t seen a similar result before. At first I showed them some classical pictures and then I said I wanted to do something completely different such ad telling their story with black and white photos and in an informal, non conventional way. I wanted them to be spontaneous: my aim was a reportage, not a celebration in the classical canonical way. I wanted to tell a story, like a movie, like something real, in its deepest meaning. So, as I said, the couple was enthusiastic about my plan, and from that moment onwards I started taking wedding pictures with this approach.

Carlo Carletti Italian Wedding Photographer

Carlo Carletti, Italian wedding photographer. Discover the wedding stories he has to tell and be inspired by the emotions that only Italy is able to give.

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Last Update 13/07/2020
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