The great photographer Ansel Adams compared the negative to a composer’s score and the print to its performance and interpretation.

If the negative is the cornerstone of a photographic history, printing in the darkroom is its reading and interpretation.

An urge to fully experience the creative and artistic process related to classical photography got me back to the darkroom prints for Wedding Photography. Developing an image in a darkroom is a timeless experience. The feeling you get when you see an image appearing on a sheet of paper that was previously white is almost magical. I see the print as the completion of the photo shoot and the expression of the photographer’s vision and creativity.

Developing and printing photos in a darkroom requires a series of manual operations. The first step involves the use of an enlarger to expose the image projected by the negative on the photosensitive paper. The prints are subsequently immersed in chemical solutions and the development is checked visually (the print remains in the developing liquid until the image has reached its full density). At this point, the fixer will help removing the unexposed halides, and the wash will eliminate the residues of chemical products and ensure the stability of the image.

The last step is the drying. It’s possible to use either a print dryer or print drying screens (for a glossy surface).

Prints made from the same negative will never be identical because of the imperceptible differences and variables that always occur in a chemical process that is controlled and managed manually. This provides authenticity and uniqueness to fine-art darkroom prints.

I have decided to offer this exclusive and refined Wedding Photography service to my select Clients who appreciate the artistic value of darkroom printed Wedding
photos. The fine-art analogue black and white print of a photo is the only means capable of giving the image an authentically Vintage perceptual connotation, which is not reproducible with other media and supports. Over the years it will become an extraordinary, increasingly precious memory of your Wedding, a creative and artistic heritage for your family – heritage characterized by uniqueness, irreproducibility and beauty that will always accompany the memories of your Wedding in Italy with Carlo Carletti as your wedding photographer.