“Framing Stories”- Video

This is the video from “Framing Stories”. My personal photo exhibition at Leica Galerie Milano , March 2018

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FIOF Orvieto (International Fund For Photography)

Today I’m in a beautiful city in the region Umbria, Orvieto. I’m her as a guest of FIOF, that stands for International Found for Photography and Video, both to talk about wedding photography together with the journalist Mosè Franchi and to present my recent book Fotografie di Matrimoni published by Marsilio.I feel honored to be […]

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Wedding at Hotel Aman, Venice

Some of my comments on my approach and vision of wedding photography. Alcuni dei miei commenti sul mio approccio e sulla mia visione della fotografia di matrimonio.

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My beginnings in wedding photography

I started my career as a professional wedding photography in 1996. After having graduated in law at the age of 29 – a bit late, to speak – and instead of working as a lawyer or in a public office I decided I wanted to concentrate in my real passion, photography. I’ve been passionated about […]

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Introduction by Denis Curti to my exhibition at Still Gallery – Milan

Although a bit behind the times, I would like to tell you about an event held on September 24th. On that date it was opened in Milan STILL, a new space dedicated to photography. Denis Curti – coordinator of the project and important italian photography critic- decided to present as first exhibition”Scene da un matrimonio” […]

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“Framing Stories”- Personal photo exhibition at Leica Galerie, Milan

Few days ago there was the opening of my photographic exhibition at the Galleria Istantanea in Siena entitled ‘Il Fotografo di Matrimoni’ (The Wedding Photographer) to paraphrase the title of a famous movie by Marco Bellocchio. The exhibition features photos in large format from weddings I shot in these last years. The photos are all […]

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Interview for Leica

Intervista per Leica

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The great photographer Ansel Adams compared the negative to a composer’s score and the print to its performance and interpretation. If the negative is the cornerstone of a photographic history, printing in the darkroom is its reading and interpretation. An urge to fully experience the creative and artistic process related to classical photography got me […]

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Carlo Carletti Italian Wedding Photographer

Carlo Carletti, Italian wedding photographer. Discover the wedding stories he has to tell and be inspired by the emotions that only Italy is able to give.

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