Wedding at Villa d’Este, Lake Como

Are you searching for an inspiration for your wedding ceremony? Have a look at this gallery! There is a place where the fairytales became reality. This is Villa d’Este, on the fantastic scenery of Lake Como. Weddings at Villa d’Este, Lake Como, are something unique, and this place is the perfect background for luxury weddings.

Villa d’Este is an antique Villa located on the Lake Como, and it can be considered one of the most romantic settings in the world. It was built in 1568 and became, during its history, a luxury hotel, appreciated in all Europe.

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Luxury wedding shooting at Villa d’Este

Aristocracy from other countries came at Villa d’Este on Lake Como to spent holidays, or for business commitments. Heads of state (crowned heads also), Hollywood stars, nobles have stayed at Villa d’Este. Now it’s a luxury wedding venue, known all over the world. Many people choose every year this luxury wedding venue on Lake Como for their marriages.

Villa d’Este – Lake Como

Villa d’Este is the ideal wedding venue on Lake Como for every ceremony, both if you want to realize an outside party, or an inside one. Weddings photo service at Villa d’Este will be a forever memory of your celebration, and the incredible style of the rooms and the gardens of the Villa will help to have an amazing background for the wedding photography. Moreover, you can enjoy a dream view directly on the Lake Como. Behind you, instead, you have an amazing landscape with the Italian Alps, the high mountains that give their protection to the lake. You can take an inspiration from others beautiful locations on Lake Como, like (wedding at Villa Pizzo).

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