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Pisani Moretta palace is one of the most fascinating buildings in Venice. Also for this reason it is one of the most enchanting and sought after places to celebrate a wedding in Venice. This splendor is given not only by its architectural beauty, but also, and above all, by the charm that is hidden in its rooms. A wedding at Pisani Moretta palace is an exclusive event, reserved for high-class couples who want to celebrate their union with a reception worthy of a king and a queen.

Pisani Moretta palace has always been a private residence. Built in the fifteenth century, it still retains the splendor and sophistication of period furnishings and frescoes by famous painters. One of the most magical areas is undoubtedly the large internal staircase, from which the bride will be able to enter the luxurious wedding, like the protagonist of a grand gala ball.

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Pisani Moretta wedding photos: fairytale in Venice

I can capture the best moments of your wedding at Pisani Moretta palace, and I can assure you that here I had the honor of photographing some of the most beautiful weddings in Venice ever. The large frescoed rooms, the attention to every detail and the elegant furnishings make Pisani Moretta palace a real royal residence. Look at my gallery of Pisani Moretta wedding photos and take inspiration for your event.


Pisani Moretta wedding: a high class event

The wedding reception at Pisani Moretta palace becomes an opportunity to experience a fairytale wedding, in one of the icons of the Venetian style. Take inspiration from my photos and design your fairytale wedding. Pisani Moretta palace is chosen for every kind of high-level celebration. Do you dream of an elopement wedding in Venice? I can assure you that you will bring in your heart forever this event. Venice is one of the most beloved places for a wedding in Italy. There is no shortage of solutions for living a fairytale wedding: look at (wedding at Hotel Cipriani), another luxury residence in Venice.

Make your dream come true and elope in Venice for your wedding. Palazzo Pisani Moretta is waiting for you to experience timeless emotions.

wedding photoshoot at palazzo pisani moretta

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