Welcome to my portfolio of wedding photographs. I’m Carlo Carletti and I’m a Tuscany wedding photographer. I work all over my country (and outside) but I’m really in love with my region, so I can promise you that your luxury wedding in Tuscany will have the right photographic shootings with an exclusive wedding photo album. You can take inspiration from my wedding stories and see the most amazing Tuscany wedding venues. You probably know the most famous locations, such as Florence, but you will get surprised to discover new small but unforgettable place to celebrate your ceremony.

Working as a Tuscany wedding photographer give me the opportunity to travel all around and to focus on many small details that can make the difference for your photos. On of this place is without any doubt San Galgano. You are searching a fairytale wedding in Tuscany, the San Galgano Abbey is what you’re looking for. It’s an ancient and evocative location: the roof of the church has been destroyed hundreds of years ago, but the walls form an intimate protection, like a romantic embrace for your love. Tuscany will remain forever in your heart, and not just for the celebration of your wedding. Although I have been working for years as a Tuscany Wedding photographer, I’m always pleasantly surprised by the kindness of the people, the local cuisine and of course the taste of the wine. In Tuscany you will find warmth, music, cheerfulness, which will guarantee you an unforgettable stay. Each of these emotions will come alive in your wedding photos and you will continue to feel them every time you browse your wedding photo album.