J’adore Venice

an Exclusive Wedding in Venice Italy

Venice is well known throughout the world as the city of love, a romantic symbol of the choice of living together. Your promises of eternal love, whether it be a real marriage or a symbolic rite, will take on an even deeper meaning in Venice.

If you imagine Venice only as the gondola ride through the canals that cross the city, you must know that there is much more behind it. Venice, in fact, is one of the most chosen wedding venues for both large ceremonies and both for small and intimate weddings, thanks to the wide variety of accommodations you can choose.

The infinite possibilities of a wedding in Venice

The spouses can organize their wedding in Venice exactly as they like, without sacrificing romance and intimacy. The possibilities are infinite, from the small romantic restaurant, where you can enjoy the typical Italian cuisine, tasty and healthy, to the large residences where you can organize the wedding reception with all friends and relatives.

The large aristocratic villas that are located around Venice are the ideal location for every kind of weddings. In addition to the large interior space, with rooms furnished in classic style but equipped with every comfort, there are extraordinary parks and gardens, with flowers and hedges that create decorations in the beautiful Italian style.

We start our photo service in the phase before the wedding ceremony, with the preparation of the spouses and the first photos we take together. These are unforgettable moments, which will be even easier to carry forever in the heart thanks to the photo shoot. This is a very intense way to experience your wedding in Venice. Accompanying the bride and groom in their most beautiful day is a unique experience for us wedding photographers too, each time as beautiful as the first.

Wedding in Venice: feelings and emotions

The emotion of the bride in the morning, when she wears her dress and relies on the expert hands of her helpers for hairstyle and makeup, is something concrete, that you can breathe in the air. It is the most important day for her, protagonist as a real princess of her own fairy tale. Not least the groom, who tries to hide the emotion by joking with the other guests.

He is waiting to have at his side the love of his life to declare, in front of all the participants, his feelings for her. The ceremony succeeds in bringing down a tear to all the guests, but during the reception the fun returns, with music, dances and a romantic Italian love song to be dedicated to the bride. The day is coming to the end.

Our wedding photo shoot in Venice is almost over, but everyone has their heart filled with the most beautiful moments they have experienced in this incredible city. The spouses will be able to continue their holiday in the following days: Italy has many places to discover and many emotions to share together.

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