Florence Wedding Venue

Florence Wedding Photographer

Choosing Florence for your wedding means living a special day in one of the most beautiful locations in Italy. Florence has the charm of a historic and artistic city, combined with the beauty of the surrounding countryside, so that the bride and groom can organize the event as they wish. What you will not miss is the excitement and joy of sharing unique moments, the joy of celebrating the most beautiful day of life in an unparalleled location and share these feelings with friends and family.

Florence offers every possible solution to welcome wedding guests, from the most luxurious villas to farmhouses in the countryside, totally immersed in the silence of the nature.

Wedding in Florence: relive the emotions forever

Thanks to our wedding photos, Florence is the perfect setting to immortalize love. Through the photos, you can recreate the magical atmosphere of those moments whenever you want, bringing the audience directly into the scene, to relive the same feelings just like in those same instants.

This is real since the very first moments, with the preparation and the make-up of the bride and the groom, the emotion in the eyes of friends, the looks that are reflected in the beauty of the landscape of the city of Florence. The preparation of the wedding is one of the most exciting moments, where waiting is transformed into a succession of emotions stronger and stronger.

Not all scenarios are the same to keep the same feelings in the heart. Leafing through your wedding album in Florence, it will be like being there again together, hand in hand, surrounded by fragrant white flowers, while you direct towards your common life, a life of love for eternity.

Then there is the moment of the actual feast, with the exchange of marriage promises, the guests applauding in tears, the music and the party.

Florence: always a perfect wedding venue

Whether it’s a civil wedding or a symbolic ceremony, Florence is always the perfect setting. The immortality of this city perfectly accompanies the strength of love that binds the couple, almost as if the immensity of the landscape could further strengthen the emotions felt.

The moment of cutting the cake, one of the most beautiful of the celebrations after the wedding itself, is even more significant in a city like Florence.

Not many cities allow you to make such a varied and imaginative wedding photo album, as Florence can do. In fact, in a few kilometers you pass from the charm of the old town, where in every corner there is a surprise of immense artistic value, to the ancient buildings, with stories, legends and tales of love that have blossomed and lived within their walls.

Moreover, Florence lies quietly in the middle of a countryside that leaves you speechless, so indescribable is its beauty, between fields of wheat and sunflowers. At the end of the evening, and nearly of our time together, the heart remains full of emotions, not only for the spouses and for the guests, but also for us, Florence photographers, honored witnesses of such a beauty.

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