Vicini Paesaggi

© Carlo Carletti | Carlo Vigni 2001 – All Rights Reserved – Photo Book

Vicini Paesaggi is a collection of photos of an area in the southern part of the province of Siena, the Crete Senesi, moon-like landscapes of bare clay hills and small woods and shrubs, divided by deep cracks where flowering bushes spring up. The Crete Senesi change their aspect according to the wheat seasons: they are green in December, yellow in summer and in autumn the ploughing makes them grey. The intense unreal atmosphere of this moon landscape recalls an inner state, like a mirror it suggests the metaphysical and elusive element of what it physically reflects.

Carlo Carletti Italian Wedding Photographer

Carlo Carletti, Italian wedding photographer. Discover the wedding stories he has to tell and be inspired by the emotions that only Italy is able to give.

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Last Update 13/07/2020
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