Tips for great wedding photos

A wedding is, by its very nature, organic. It is full of spontaneity, feeling, and surprise. It is rife with unpredictability. For Carletti, capturing that unpredictability is the key to a great wedding image. “Like music, it’s important to know the notes, but it’s important to improvise,” he explains. “The wedding is an anthropological rite. […]

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Carlo Carletti Lens & Light Honor
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Article and interview in the chinese U life magazine

An article/interview on my work has jsut been published in U Life, a well known Chinese magazine.“U LIFE MAGAZINE lies in Guangzhou and circulates in South China. It is a  lifestyle magazine targeting to the local metropolitans who have high education background, high income, chic and smart, between 28-45 years old”

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Gambero Rosso interview

Italy is well known for being the best when it’s about food. Italians like to eat and love to do it well. Italian dishes are prepared with less ingredients then many others in the rest of the world, yet they manage to be always perfect. Simplicity is our strenght.Gambero Rosso is the world’s authority on […]

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Interview for Leica

Intervista per Leica

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Interview on Elle Spose

Intervista su Elle Spose

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Interview on Io Donna

Intervista su Io Donna

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Interviews for IMAGEMAG

Carlo Carletti è un fotografo di matrimoni. Non abbiamo detto “matrimonialista”, perché del termine non ci piace la troppa specificità. L’incontro con lui ci ha aperto a considerazioni complesse sullafotografia nel suo insieme, soprattutto su quei modelli di comportamento inerenti al linguaggio fotografico e non solo. Nel nostro dialogo ha vinto la fotografia, il racconto che può sviluppare, il bianconero voluto e cercato, […]

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My interview on “Il Fotografo” magazine

My interview on “il fotografo” magazine. SECTION “GRANDI MAESTRI” (PAGES 16/23) Intervista sulla rivista “Il Fotografo” LA MIA INTERVISTA SULLA RIVISTA “IL FOTOGRAFO”. SEZIONE “GRANDI MAESTRI” (PAGINE 16/23)

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Carlo Carletti Italian Wedding Photographer

Carlo Carletti, Italian wedding photographer. Discover the wedding stories he has to tell and be inspired by the emotions that only Italy is able to give.

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Last Update 13/07/2020
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