Listen to the Palio

This summer I had the pleasure to have one of my photos on the Palio di Siena selected for an exhibition at the contemporary art gallery ZAK in the center of Siena. It was in fact an installation cured by the art critic and curator Gaia Pasi, where my photo was accompanied by an audio recording of the sounds of Palio. I was surprised by the effect that it created, how the visual of the image was enhanced by the crescendo of the sounds that fill the Piazza during the race. The Palio of Siena is a unique life experience. The magic of a tradition hundreds of years old in which the residents live for this moment, having conserved the same rites and atmosphere since the middle ages.  The event takes place twice a year almost without fail since the mid-1600s. During the Palio thousands of spectators gather in the Tuscan town of Siena for this bareback horse race through Piazza del Campo, the main square in the centre of the medieval town.  I was very pleased to see that the photo was appreciated for it includes different narrative layers within one main scene. The race serves therefore as a photographic pretext to represent different scenes: the race itself with the jockeys riding their horses, the crowd of people in the square and the spectators at the terraces with the waiters.  The Palio is in fact a feast of senses, a grand event where the day transcends time.



Carlo Carletti Italian Wedding Photographer

Carlo Carletti, Italian wedding photographer. Discover the wedding stories he has to tell and be inspired by the emotions that only Italy is able to give.

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Last Update 13/07/2020
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