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Wedding Venues Rome

Rome has such an infinite history to tell that it is nicknamed the Eternal City. Its charm and its beauty make it the ideal location for a fabulous wedding. When we think about wedding venues in Rome, there’s only so much to choose from. Depending on the type of ceremony you want to organize, you will find the ideal setting for your wedding and make beautiful photographs. For a religious catholic wedding, there are many churches available. Rome is, in fact, the papal seat, and the Vatican city in located there. But it is also a cosmopolitan city, open to any religion and any kind of rite. Much appreciated, for example, the Jewish weddings in Rome. The city’s long history blends perfectly with the deeply rooted Jewish traditions. Each celebration will have its ideal location. And what are the ideal wedding venues in Rome for your photos? Carlo Carletti, the best wedding photographer in Rome, will guide you with his experience in a unique story. From the photos with the background of the imposing ruins of Ancient Rome, such as the Colosseum, to the Renaissance monuments, like the Trevi Fountain, to the examples of Neoclassical and modern architecture. Your wedding album will be a long journey full of emotions, which will perfectly reflect the feelings you will experience during your fantastic wedding in Rome.