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Portofino Wedding

A wedding in Portofino is suitable for you if you are a luxury Italian style lover and want an exclusive and unforgettable wedding. This romantic, small and picturesque village is located in Italy, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The sea forms a gulf, called Gulf of Tigullio, which represents the ideal frame for your wedding photos. Portofino is organized to receive every year elite tourism and to ensure a treatment of excellence for any kind of ceremony. From religious wedding to civil wedding, but also for symbolic wedding and for elopement wedding. There are suitable solutions and every eventuality. You can also decide to spend your honeymoon in Portofino and make a beautiful wedding album with high-class photographs. Carlo Carletti is a very well known wedding photographer in Portofino. His experience will guide you to discover the most beautiful places to carry out a photo shoot. In addition to the small town, in fact, there are beautiful walks along the sea and the surrounding hills, until you reach Castello Brown, with its large terrace overlooking the lake. Portofino is part of Portofino Natural Park that will allow you to discover the beauty of Italian nature. If you choose to celebrate your wedding in Portofino, I can guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.