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Weddings in Amalfi Coast

I believe that everyone knows the magic of a wedding in Amalfi Coast. Amalfi Coast is the paradise on earth in Italy. It is also considered one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore any description is superfluous. Let just the wedding photos on Amalfi Coast by Carlo Carletti talk about it. You will love the emotions that they can give. Amalfi Coast is a long terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A clear, clean sea, bright like your love. On the water are mirrored beautiful colorful villages and mountains where abound the lemon trees. Can you believe that you can almost feel the sweet fragrance of lemons when you flip through a wedding album on Amalfi Coast? It will be romantic, for you, to walk hand in hand in the paths and alleys characteristic of the fourteen main villages that populate the Amalfi coast. Each of these is an ideal wedding venue. Add the recipes of the typical Italian cuisine, which will enchant you and your guests during the permanence and the wedding lunch. Any kind of ceremony you choose, a religious wedding, a civil wedding or a Jewish wedding, Carlo Carletti, expert wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast, will be at your side whenever you want to imprint in a photo a magical moment of your marriage. Capri and his magic will do the rest to make you live a real dream come true.