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Wedding in Venice

Wedding in Venice

Bride on the Mall: A wedding in Venice by Carlo Carletti

Venice is the city where I love to work. From many points of view, it is the perfect location for my Wedding Photography.
The great writer and poet Joseph Brodsky wrote:

“if this city should run out of money, it can always turn to Kodak for financial help”

It’s true: it is impossible not to photograph in Venice. Venice is the kingdom of beauty and events: Weddings fit perfectly within this kingdom.

Wedding Photography in Venice is the easiest and, at the same time, the most difficult task any wedding photographer faces here. Millions of photos are taken every day and the risk of banality is always lurking. Especially for this reason the challenge must be accepted by the Wedding Photographer searching for inspiration, seeking those Wedding photos that are at the level of magnificence of this unique city.

Capturing timeless moments, looking for romantic complicity in the atmosphere of the city, narrating the location, not only the couple getting married should be the creative drive for every Wedding Photographer. Always quoting Brodskij about Venice

the city of the eye: the other faculties come in second line, and very far away

Weddings in Venice are always unique, an unparalleled visual and creative fulfillment: the surrounding views seek and feed on beauty of the city.

This wedding photo was taken on the jetty of the wonderful Hotel Aman overlooking the Grand Canal and I like to think that the figure of the bride is a timeless presence, a short story in a context that celebrates and welcomes her in its extraordinary beauty. As Marcel Proust once wrote speaking about Venice:

So built and arranged on both sides of the canal, the houses remind us of natural places, but of a nature that had created their works with a human image

I think this is the great mystery of the beauty of Venice: a combination of art, life and human stories that has no equal. The place of photography.