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Wedding in Lake Garda

Wedding in Lake Garda

Gardone Riviera in Garda

I recently shot a wedding in Gardone Riviera, splendid location also famous for the Vittoriale, home of Gabriele D’Annunzio, great poet and interpreter of Italian Decadentism. The atmosphere of the Lake Garda offers a splendid and evocative setting for an intimate and delicate Wedding Photography. On several occasions I have worked for weddings in Lake Garda: photo services always offer an extraordinary magic and a majestic sense of special charm.

The couple especially choose this location in the awareness of a photographic result to remember their Wedding in Italy.

Lake Garda is the largest Italian lake and is a well-known tourist destination. Already in Roman times, especially since the early Imperial age, on its shores were magnificent villas conceived as places dedicated to the “otium”, a kind of lifestyle for the dominant classes for the leisure offered by the happy naturalness of the site.

Starting from the Renaissance, the shores of the lake returned to populate with noble villas, conceived as urban events to be opposed to the countryside, making the lake, and especially the north-western area, an important destination of an elite tourism, but tourism in the modern conception of this term developed from the late nineteenth century, although, of course, it was still an elitist tourism that almost exclusively concerned the north-western area of the lake, “for goodness of climate, for the abundance of water, for variety of products , for grandeur and playfulness of landscape, courtesy of inhabitants.”

In this photo the bride looks away into the distance, her Silhouette is faintly visible, the depth of the image hides her face and expression leaving any conclusions to the observer.

Wedding Photography by Carlo Carletti – Lake Garda, Italy