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Wedding Photos By Carlo Carletti at Borgo di Stomennano

Wedding Photos By Carlo Carletti at Borgo di Stomennano

Borgo di Stomennano, Wedding Photography by Carlo Carletti

Borgo di Stomennano is a unique Wedding location, one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany.
Borgo di Stomennano is located between Siena and Florence, very close to the Monteriggioni Castle, which can be seen in the background of this wedding photo, taken in the gardens of Stomennano. The heart of this location is the 17th century Villa around which the gardens and the other buildings of the village are built in the traditional and characteristic Tuscan style.

Borgo di Stomennano is also a farm which produces high quality wine and olive oil very much appreciated by Villa Guests. Borgo di Stomennano is a few miles away from my studio and I know the location very well. I have had the opportunity to work there very often as a Wedding Photographer, nevertheless this location never fails to amaze and excite me.

Borgo di Stomennano offers an authentic atmosphere of elegance from the legacy of Tuscan noble decent: the large central road that leads to the villa, bounded by a double row of cypresses represent a dream setting for every wedding photographer. The villa with its frescoed rooms the antique furniture as well as the majestic staircase that goes to the lower floors, on the outside with its panoramic gardens and old fountains, and a spectacular view of the tuscan landscape and of the Castle of Monteriggioni.

A timless setting I always enjoy featuring in my wrok with couples – in this case the subject of this photo are children running through the garden. Despite the passing of the centuries the charm of the villa is still intact, a special and inspiring place for superb Wedding photos in one of the most exclusive locations Italy has to offer.