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Villa Cimbrone in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast

Villa Cimbrone in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast (Ravello)

Carlo Carletti has been the Wedding Photographer for many exclusive Weddings at the many destinations Italy has to offer. Ravello on the Amalfi Coast is certainly a preferred luxury Wedding location. Ravello represents the most distinguished location and the real reference of the whole Amalfi Coast for its marvelous views and places of great artistic and cultural interest and value, which make it the for level weddings.

Among the beauties of Ravello, it is worth mentioning the Duomo that dominates the Main square, it is one of the oldest cathedrals of Italy before construction dates back to the year 1086.

Together with the Ravello‘s Cathedral we must also remember Villa Rufolo, a real gem in terms of architecture and aesthetics that has conquered all those who have been there such as Richard Wagner who in May 1880 arrived in Ravello with the aim of completing in beauty and in the peace of this place one of its most important works the Parsifal. In Ravello the hospitality of its people is a real distinguishing note and over the years the accommodation facilities have adapted to the number and level of the tourist request so that you can find in this small town three 5-star hotels that certainly represent the ideal place for a Wedding reception for couples in Italy and around the world who choose Ravello as their destination for for an exclusive Wedding.

As a Wedding Photography in Italy I have been to these places for weddings the Hotel Caruso to Villa Rufolo but the place that struck me most and what I consider the most beautiful for a Wedding in Ravello as for the Wedding photos is definitely Villa Cimbrone.

The origins of Villa Cimbrone date back to the eleventh century, although in more recent times, at the beginning of the twentieth century, both the Villa and its large and beautiful landscaped gardens were restored and renovated by the English nobleman Lord Grimthorpe.

Today Villa Cimbrone is a magnificent 5-star hotel that allows its large and beautiful spaces, ideal for exclusive weddings and cerimonies. This location is appreciated by couples from all over the world who choose Ravello and Villa Cimbrone as a place for an authentic and unmistakable taste of Italy. The locations and suggestions that Villa Cimbrone offers to a Wedding Photographer are really strong, unique and guarantee the opportunity to take truly breathtaking photos.

In my experience, having taken Wedding photos in so many differnet locations, the Belvedere at Villa Cimbrone also known as the Terrace of the Infinite.

Outlined by a series of marble busts offers a truly incredible view of the Amalfi Coast and each married couple who choose Italy as their wedding destination would like to have Wedding photos with this beautiful setting.