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About Carlo Carletti

About Carlo Carletti

Carlo Carletti is an Italian Wedding Photographer. This concise and comprehensive statement does not give a proper indication of the values involved. As Wedding “expert” in Italy, he was able to bring back a very personal cultural course to photography: from the approach until the language, which is still evolving.

Carlo Carletti is a lawyer by education, he has approached Photography during his youngest years: when passion knocked straight at the heart, bypassing the search of easy, technical neologisms. As a good italian neorealist (there is also a bit of this in the Wedding Photographer Carletti), he never rejected his “amateur” roots, like all the great Wedding photographers that preceded him.
This has given him the enormous curiosity and the strong lucidity needed to wait for that moment already seen and then made his own. His narrative attitude lies therefore in the wait, in the ability to immerse himself in the theatre of the subject, to see without intruding, adding to the objective vision the right portion of complexity: where are all the elements are connoting and consistent with the content.
Carlo Carletti is a Wedding Photographer: now we can better understand it, because he is a contemporary storyteller of ceremonies and of all the things in life. Not only that, he is an author of Weddings , being able to put a recognizable and conscious signature in his works.

Currently he has a theme book out and various personal exhibitions: work shown upon request of those clients that usually hire artists, reporters, conceptual artists, landscape artists, and so on.

Carlo Carletti is a Wedding Photographer: yes, we are aware of that now. He is, however, with merit and not for titles. Experience, longevity, career (which also exist), are not enough to substantiate a sense of belonging, because Carlo brought Weddings among available themes, in possible photography, available to those who want to observe and undertake similar paths. It is a gift to Photography in general and also to the art interpreters: distracted (it’s an understatement) by provincial craftsmanship, often addressed for lack of ideas.

Carlo Carletti is a Wedding Photographer and by looking at his photos (sublimely printed, let’s say it!) we almost have the feeling of going through a great journey to the edge of the sight, where Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Brassaï and Kertész used to work: photographers with the ability to understand “when” and “how”, waiting for that moment already seen therefore immediately true.

Photography accustomed the eyes to wait for what they have to see, and then to see it

said Paul Valéry hundred years before the birth of photography.
Carlo Carletti is able to do so, today, with his Wedding Photography. This is also a merit. The greatest.